Sanitsers are here to stay, question is, which ones are best for you, and do alcohol free sanitizers work?

SANZi is all about alcohol free sanitisers, there’s several reasons we prefer this. Some of the main issues around alcohol based sanitisers are:

  • Only kills on contact, leaving hands or surfaces free to begin gathering harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses again

  • Can irritate and dry out hands when used repeatedly through the course of a day (especially harmful for healthcare workers who have to sanitise with high frequency throughout a day or for those in industries where cuts and scrapes are common such as builders)

  • Usage and storage can present risks as alcohol sanitisers are highly flammable

Our alcohol free sanitisers work using QAC’s, 7th generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. This is the latest advancement of a biotechnology relied on in healthcare settings since 1935. QACs eliminate nasty pathogens through a process called Lysis and this is how they differ from alcohol based sanitisers.

Here are 2 very useful scientific explannations of how QAC’s work and their efficacy. So you can make up your own mind…have a read, and you tell us…do alcohol free sanitisers work??


While alcohol based sanitisers are a very reliable form of sanitising…they do not last very long. They kill what is on your hands but then stop protecting immediately. One of the main reasons we find alcohol free santistisers do work well, is not only do the sanitise on contact, but they also continue to protect by forming a protective layer…and that can mean on your hands or on surfaces that it’s applied to! 

How does this work?? 

  • CATIONIS SURFACANTS – non alcoholic based QAC sanitisers, are “Cationic Surfactants”…this means that once applied, they form a microscopic layer on skin or on surfaces, and stick around to destroy bacteria and enveloped viruses that come it comes in contact with.Over 30 high quality professionally designed pre-built website concepts to choose from.
  • LYSIS – is a mechanical process where the QAC pierces the lipid fatty layer of a virus and destroy it.

Be KIND to Your Hands!

We obviously have 100% confidence in the benefits of QAC’s and how alcohol free sanitisers work…but more than that, we love how much kinder they are to skin. 

Alcohol dries and irritates the skin. Applying it so frequently to our hands is not good and it’s not at all good for our children. We need to have a solution that both protects and is kinder to our skin!


A great post from the guys at Zogic. This is a very good article to get the overview of the alcohol free vs alcoholing santisers! 

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