Alcohol vs QAC’s : Join the debate…

We always try to be fair an impartial, we are not here to attack alcoholic sanitisers. Alcohol at a high proof is an exceptionally efficive anticeptic! It is certainly proven to kill harmfull bacteria, and has been essential to fighting this pandemic!

But we are here to present an alternative for those who are interested. 

Here’s a bit of the background to SANZi products and the chemicals in our formula. 

Enveloped viruses on hands and surfaces can be effectively destroyed by a group of products defined as VIRUCIDES. The list of virucides is long, but two are emerging as the most common used as a defence against SARS – CoV-2 (COVID 19)

1. Ethyl Alcohol & Isopropyl Alcohol:

Both are virucides and effective against enveloped viruses. The optimum concentration is 60% to 90% in water (volume/volume). They are the recommended product of the World Health Organisation.

How they Work:

Both types of alcohol quickly break down the fatty outer layer of enveloped viruses, quickly destroying the virus

  • Proven to kill enveloped viruses

  • Relatively easy to manufacture

  • Readily available globally

  • Regular use can cause skin to dry and crack

  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin

  • Remains active for the 10-15 seconds

  • The heat of our hands evaporates alcohol so frequent re-application is required

2. A chemical family known as QACs/DDAC’s (Didecyl Dimethylammoniumchlorides)

Also a virucide effective against enveloped viruses. Depending on the formula of the sanitiser, QAC’s/DDAC’s are effective at various concentrations, some very low, some higher.

How they Work:

QAC’s/DDAC’s pierce the lipid fatty layer of the virus and destroys it in a process known as lysis.

You can read more about our alcohol free sanitisers here. 

  • Proven to kill enveloped viruses

  • Remain active on skin and surfaces long after application so provide ongoing protection

  • Less harmful to skin

  • Lower toxicity levels than alcohol

  • These chemicals are less readily available around the globe

  • Even though they have been used in healthcare environments for more than 75 years these products are not widely recognised by the general public.

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