Want to know more about SANZi products? Read the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

How do SANZi products work?

The active ingredients in SANZi products are latest advancement of a biotechnology relied on in healthcare settings since 1935. In technical terms they are 7th generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), a type of cationic surfactant which sticks around on surfaces and skin to destroy bacteria and enveloped viruses they come into contact with. They do this by forming a microscopic protective layer on skin or a surface. This protective layer destroys bacteria and viruses that touch the surface through a mechanical process called Lysis…where the QAC pierces the lipid fatty layer of the pathogen which destroys destroying it. SANZi products contain an advanced bespoke formulation of QACs, achieving expectational results with minimal levels of active ingredients being required. The hand sanitisers also contain plant extracts to help moisturise skin.

How does SANZi differ from Alcohol based sanitisers?

Alcohol based sanitisers destroy bacteria and viruses by using alcohol to dissolve this same fatty layer, instead of piercing it. So long as they contain at least 70% alcohol they are effective at immediately eliminating bacteria and viruses but offer no lasting protection once the alcohol evaporates, which takes just a few seconds. This is where SANZi offers an advantage, providing longer lasting protection via the microscopic layer that sticks to your hands. This layer kills harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses on contact, so continues to protect between washes.

Do QAC based Sanitisers work as well as Alcohol based ones?

Yes! – Alcohol-free sanitisers are tested to the same standards of alcohol-based sanitisers and have been proven to be just as effective, plus they have the added benefit of providing extended protection after the initial application.

Will SANZi Products kill Coronavirus?

SANZi products are certified to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including all enveloped viruses (including SARS-CoV-2).

How is SANZi kind to hands?

The SANZi FOAM range does not use alcohol and therefore does not dry out hands like traditional alcohol-based sanitisers. SANZi FOAM’s bespoke formulation also includes a number of plant-derived moisturisers and other additives to keep hands feeling soft after every application.

How can I get involved in SANZi?

Here at SANZi we believe that the benefits of alcohol-free sanitisers should be available to everyone, that’s why we have created the SANZi affiliate program. If you’re interested in distributing SANZi alcohol free hand sanitiser products please get in touch at


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